Some of my favorite things to do outside my main occupation.

What are your favorite activity combinations? Mine are:

  • for physical recreation definitely mountain biking (which is in itself a combination of two of my favorite activities: riding a bike and climbing mountain tops), sometimes combined with photo & video creation
  • for mental recreation leather or wood works, while sometimes listening to new music or podcasts

Mountain bike

The perfect combination of two of my most favorite activities: riding a bike and climbing mountain tops.

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Photo & video

Not seeing myself as an artist but love creating as a hobbyist. Info about gear that I am currently using and a list of my preferred photo/video managing and editing tools.

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Leather craft

Working with leather has a very calming and relaxing effect on me. It allows myself to de-stress and relax while still being productive.

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Supporting change

Not really involved when it comes to politics and activism, but an avid proponent of exercising ones democratic right to vote.

Despite traditional voting there are online resources worth screening from time to time.

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