Currently I am tracking those open issues with various software applications / online services. If you have any useful hints on any of those issues, I am very happy to listen:

Ubuntu applications/services

Really annoying

  • Insync had some issues during the last months. Since 3.0.15 things seem to finally have improved a lot… currently on 3.0.27.

Would be nice

Unusable right now

  • Deezer has a very strange philosophy concerning privacy & security for family accounts. Tried it and loved it but will only subscribe if the following issue is solved appropriately
  • Snap insists of putting a visible directory right in your home folder on Ubuntu.
    • See open issue on snapd github
      After 2 long years and an even longer discussion there seems to be at least a chance of getting some kind of fix in the future.

Google ecosystem

  • Android in general does not support Ext4 filesystem (only on rooted phones), Encfs is supported via third party apps only
  • Chrome OS does not support Encryption (Encfs)
    See open issue in Chrome OS bug tracker