Open issues

Currently I am tracking those open issues with various software applications / online services. If you have any useful hints on any of those issues, I am very happy to listen:

Ubuntu applications/services

Really annoying


Had some issues during the last months. Since 3.0.15 things seem to finally have improved a lot… currently on 3.0.28.

Would be nice


Community requests I am currently following:

Acer Swift 5 (2019, SF514-54GT)

Currently has some hardware support issues in Ubuntu:

Unusable right now


Has a very strange philosophy concerning privacy & security for family accounts. Tried it and loved it but will only subscribe if the following issue is solved appropriately

The Linux client is not so bad. There are alternatives available in Ubuntu (e.g. Deezer via flatpak).

Sharing a single set of credentials between all family members sadly is a no-go for me. At the moment we stick with Spotify.


Insists of putting a visible directory right in your home folder on Ubuntu.

  • See open issue on snapd github
    Please take a look at comment #11 where even Mark Shuttleworth suggested to switch at least to a hidden “.snap” directory (2017-02-27). Unbelievably after almost 4 years developers still don’t assign their bug with the most heat by far any significance.

Best workaround for me currently is to uninstall snap completely. Sadly Ubuntu is distributing more and more applications via Snap by default. I hope the issue is resolved before I have to switch to another distribution.

Google ecosystem


In general does not support Ext4 filesystem (only on rooted phones), Encfs is supported via third party apps only

Chrome OS

Does not support Encryption (Encfs)
See open issue in Chrome OS bug tracker

Hardware firmware

Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport

  • It would be very nice if the audible boot and power down beep could be disabled.
  • Adding a day/night display mode quick toggle to the quick access (swipe down) menu would be useful.