Whenever possible I prefer dark themes. More and more smartphone apps offer a light and dark theme. Desktop applications and operating systems seem to follow this trend.

Professionally and privately I am choosing Ubuntu as my operating system. My preferred themes so far:

Application themes

Gnome shell themes

I mostly use the Gnome shell theme that comes with the application theme. Sadly the default theme shipped with Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan (Yaru theme) does not yet support dark background colors. But there is a manual fix for the time being:

One nice Gnome shell theme worth mentioning is:

  • Pop (dark slim)
    From System76 Pop Os:
    When using default Yaru dark theme I still use this Gnome shell theme as it supports dark background for notifications (seems broken in default Yaru dark theme…. as of 19.04)

Cursor and icon themes

  • Yaru (available by default)

Gnome shell extensions

Favorite extensions

  • Better Volume Configurator
  • Blyr
  • Dash to Dock
  • Dynamic Panel Transparency
  • Disconnect Wifi
  • Frippery Move Clock
  • gTile
  • Hide Activities Button
  • NoAnnoyance
  • Remove Rounded Corners
  • Sound Input & Output Device Chooser
  • User Themes

Notebook only

  • Autohide Battery